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“I was sexually abused, and I made judgements about men from that experience. I received healing and forgiveness.”

“Biblically based, compassionate, prayerful and got to the root of my problems. Very God centered.”

“God has set me free from unforgiveness. That spirit no longer has control of me.”

“Now I know God as a gracious loving father, ready to pick me up when I fall!”

“I feel much better, and I think I’ll keep getting better!”

“I now feel freedom from many of the issues that were a struggle for me!”

“I had generational roots of hatred. Now I’m looking forward to walking out my life with new found freedom!”

“I was operating in fear, worry, guilt & obligation. I’m now experiencing peace to move forward unhindered.”

“I was highly anticipating a deep work and feel totally satisfied all God wanted to accomplish here was done!”