“Thank you for the persisting ministry of EH. I came across you after God led me to finding the 1982 version of the transformation of the inner man, in an about to be emptied warehouse in Delhi, India. It had words and revelation that I could intuitively identify as the gentle –firm voice of God, – I found a glimmer of hope about some of my condition, I have wept along and wrestled with it and consumed it, feeling God’s cleansing wind.

For over 16 years I have tried so hard to find people who could guide, offer parenting shepherding– counsel, and speak to my heart and mind and help me see enduring change. I have convulsed with surface changes and my mediocre life. Perhaps like many many others who just cant find them,

I withdrew from everything in agony and suffering. I see most people around me suffer and give up asking and seeking healing-wholeness, and even the hope of knowing Jesus closer, perhaps because this is the best one can get and become.

This perhaps is God’s time and having tested the book, knowing I need desperate help I reached out through the EH website and had prayer sessions with Jeff this week. I am a whole-systems transformation professional, and in God’s grace I am see the working in of transformation in my life first.

The Church here is growing and fast–of course, I presume with my example of a stable Christian home that my heart and being need help sanctifying and transforming, I wonder about those with greater growing up pains. It seems a new born – born again person is left to fend for itself on the streets; a multitude with no fathers (& mothers)! This is torturous enough, one can’t think of those who don’t know Jesus.   The Indian peninsula is a noisy spiritual vent and a storm drain, with people hungry at the heart for something that works and restores life & dignity, in these appeasement and performance oriented cultures.

In God’s timing, but quickly I plead He would heal hearts of those coming to Him, and like you I pray He will rebuild the Church’s ruins, so the body can heal and minister to each other.

I sense I am being firmly drawn toward this transformation process, to speak into the heart and mind and draw it to live completely, as a blessing – both the followers of Jesus and those not yet.”

~ Asish –  New Delhi, India