“During the years we worked for the same ministry, Jeff’s counselees gave him the highest average approval rating in the history of that organization, with over fifty flawless evaluations. I concur! I have personally observed Jeff in prayer counseling sessions. He is a master of his craft–an expert at inner healing. For those seeking transformation of heart, there are few people I recommend as highly as him.”

– Mark Sandford, Founder of Elijah Rain Ministries

“I can give no higher recommendation than to Jeff Crum and Genuine Healing Ministry. I have been a Christ follower for over 35 years and, throughout that time, have been ministered to by many different ministries, and, by far, I can personally attest that by any form of measurement, my time with Jeff has been the most effective and transformative time of ministry that I have ever personally received.

When I first was introduced to Jeff, I went for an intensive week after coming off of a 4 year period of time that was filled with various forms of successive, extreme trauma. I honestly found myself so full of grief from this period of time, that I did not even know where to begin. I knew that I really needed someone’s help. Jeff helped me process all that had happened as well as helped me identify the areas in which I needed inner healing.

Even though the intensive week was challenging for me on many different levels, I truly walked away unburdened and with a level of inner-peace that I personally had not experienced before in my life.

Since that time, Jeff continues to be a friend and counselor to me as needed. His friendship and ministry have been a true refreshment both to mine and my family’s lives.”

– Jonathan Willard, Founder of One New Man International