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2019 – Christmas Greetings From Jeff Crum

by Jeff Crum

This has been an exciting and fulfilling year for this ministry! There have been so many lives impacted. God has also opened the door for me to share messages of healing. I’ve been excited to present a group of talks called The Encounter God Series. These presentations consist of uplifting stories of healing through prayer ministry. Along…

Are You Going To Heaven?

by Jeff Crum

When I was a Pastor, quite often I had to deal with life and death situations. Someone would pass away and I would not always be sure if they were a believer. It’s important for us to know if our loved ones are saved. I hope this poem ministers to your heart and conveys the…

Two Becoming One

by Jeff Crum

I wrote this song for my wedding in 1991. My best man Steve Mills accompanied me on electric piano. There were at least 300 people there at my new church for the event. My wife’s Pastor Doug Malott from the Rock of Ages, and my Pastor Joe Wittwer from Life Center were both officiating. This…

Listen To Him

by Jeff Crum

Every year my dorm – McMillian Hall (Mac Hall) put on a concert at Cowles auditorium. The biggest stage venue at Whitworth University. I auditioned and was accepted to perform this song with a band. We practiced a lot and finally performed at the event. I was really nervous but it turned out fine. I…

Expectant Listening

by Jeff Crum

It’s my practice to spend a few minutes listening to the Lord prior to each Prayer Ministry session. I always write down my ‘impressions’ at the top of my note page.  On this day I was seeing a woman by the name of Joy to begin a 12-hour Intensive week of ministry. I prayed, listened…

The Botany of Sin

by Jeff Crum

One of the foundational teachings presented at Elijah House is called, “Bitter Roots” That may sound like a travelogue about north Idaho (believe it or not, Elijah House is situated in the “Bitter Root” mountain range), but it’s really more of a travelogue about the sin in our lives. Hebrews 12:15 says, “See to it that…