GENUINE HEALING MINISTRY is inspired by the pioneering work of prophetic inner healing ministers and worldwide authors and speakers John and Paula Sandford. Though now enjoying their reward in heaven, their work continues through the gifted work of their son and daughter-in-law, Mark and Maureen Sandford, the Elijah House Ministry, and satellite ministries in many countries such as ours.

Jeff Crum, the current director of Genuine Healing Ministry, has been honored to have been considered one of John’s spiritual sons and has been blessed to grow through the continued prayer/mentoring of Mark Sandford.
This ministry is pastoral in nature, is based on a biblical foundation, and depends on the leading of the Spirit. An essential element in our ministry is listening and relying on the gifts of the Spirit. This in-reach is enhanced through the equipping and training from authors such as the Sandfords. Their impartation is a blessing that further enables us to minister in God’s love to hurting people.

Ministry at Genuine Healing always has us uncovering the root causes that lie hidden beneath the surface. These deeply held issues, or “bitter roots,” strengthen the “bitter fruits” in people’s lives that lead them to great personal pain, difficult relationships, and fractured families. When the roots are revealed, we entreat our clients to bring these issues to the cross of Christ. Each person is also led to receive forgiveness for any judgments they have been tempted to harbor against others (Matt 7:1,2). In addition, many clients experience a personal, life-changing encounter with God through the Holy Spirit, replacing long-held lies with his eternal truth.

Seekers come on a regular basis from everywhere to receive prayer ministry. We have a wealth of amazing testimonies of lives changed and families impacted for the Lord!


Genuine Healing offers a variety of possibilities for prophetic prayer ministry:

–          12-hour intensives, consisting of 3 hours per day over a 4-day span

–          3-hour sessions

–          90-minute appointments

These can be scheduled in person, in Spokane, or at your location in conjunction with a speaking engagement.

For your convenience, we also offer online video sessions.

One client recently exclaimed, “Why didn’t I do this sooner!”

Contact us today to schedule a week of transformation! 509-475-5378.