I wrote this song for my wedding in 1991. My best man Steve Mills accompanied me on electric piano. There were at least 300 people there at my new church for the event. My wife’s Pastor Doug Malott from the Rock of Ages, and my Pastor Joe Wittwer from Life Center were both officiating. This is a message about openness and commitment.


Oh, could there be a more special time

Oh, could there be another

Two becoming one as in a rhyme

One to compliment the other



Two becoming one

I realize, it must be done

In the bond of commitment

To share their lives

1st Verse

A life must be given


As to the Lord


You can’t afford to keep some in reserve

For you know that it’s the other you serve


2nd Verse

A sail for the sailor

You are sewn together

By the master tailor

To endure the weather

What he has joined

Let no man tear it apart

And may his wind be yours

As you impart



Oh, could there be a more special time…



© Jeffrey J. Crum