Every year my dorm – McMillian Hall (Mac Hall) put on a concert at Cowles auditorium. The biggest stage venue at Whitworth University. I auditioned and was accepted to perform this song with a band. We practiced a lot and finally performed at the event. I was really nervous but it turned out fine. I didn’t know then, but listening to God has become a hallmark of my counseling ministry.


1st Verse 

We talk to each other 

We take talk off the shelves 

We talk in our sleep 

We talk to ourselves 

Surprised by the quiet 

When we cut through the noise 

When we cut out the static 

We can hear His voice


Listen to Him just listen


Listen to Him 

Why don’t we listen?

2nd Verse

Listen and do 

They got no divorce 

When we separate ’em 

They lose their force 

The dance of obedience 

Sure is sweet 

‘Cause when we listen to Him 

It moves our feet


3rd Verse

Out of the highchair 

And into the seat 

Toss out the bottle 

Get ready to eat 

Pick up the knife 

And slice up the word 

There’s nothing more filling

Haven’t you heard?

Chorus & End

© Jeffrey J. Crum